I’m sure you don’t want another daunting task to add to your already busy schedule? Let me show you an easy and cost effective social media advertising strategy that my team & I use to increase traffic into our business website and how we convert those visitors into actual paying customers!
Who is Stevie?
The Money-Maker
I worked as a marketing assistant for digital marketing  and new business & product development for ten years at a fortune 500 company. I left my $70,000 a year job and decided to branch out on my own to start my own business. Six Months after leaving my job to pursue a career as a personal trainer I've lost everything, my apartment, my business, and I even had to move into my sister's house. Sleeping on  her couch every night was no fun! After that humbling experience, I've made it my entire life's mission to excel at learning how to creating effective online marketing strategies to help entrepreneurs grow and sustain their businesses.  I was able to move out of my sister's house and turn my life around! I've opened my own agency working as a consultant teaching other digital marketers and business owners how to use social media strategies to get a gross amount of customers & ROI. My specialties include business development, digital marketing strategy, vendor relations, strategic planning, execution and promotions.
Client Testimonials

Sonia P 
- New York City

"Steven was such a pleasure to work with. Easy, timely and responsive communications made me feel assured and that I was in good hands. He is respectful and courteous and helped me understand my Facebook advertising and setup for the first time. I felt comfortable going to him with any questions, no matter how basic. I highly recommend Steven if you are looking for someone you can fully trust."

Remi S 
- Boston, MA

"Steven did a great job with our campaign. Extremely knowledgeable in ppc practices, I wouldn't hesitate in hiring him again."

Mike  H 
- New York, NY

Steven does absolutely amazing work and the results show. His knowledge and expertise will get you results and save you money in the long run. Steven is thorough, easy to work with and went above and beyond helping me.
In this FREE training, I'll show you exactly what works and what doesn't when it comes to creating PROFITABLE Facebook ads for your business. 
Here's What Will Be Covered...
  •  Build an effective PPC Advertising Campaign
  •  How to create cost-effective ads that get SALES... not just "likes", comments, and shares.
  •  How to identify the leak in your campaign (aka how to figure out which part are working and which ones aren't) Majority of advertisers spend most of their time fixing all the wrong things.
  •  Our favorite webpages we use to turn clicks into leads ( The design, headlines, and buttons that convert).
  •  The exact targeting tactics we use, in our agency, to make sure we we're not wasting money on people who don't want or need our products or services.
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